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CRM Import Error 0x8004D293
Cannot update RequiredLevel of attribute CustomerId to SystemRequired

Project Outline
The release of the December 2012 Service Update and the introduction of Rollup 12 added a raft of new features to Dynamics CRM 2011, and changed the way a few things work.
One of the minor changes that was made with this update was to modify the CustomerId attribute on the Opportunity entity from System Required to Business Required.

“The Opportunity.CustomerId attribute’s required level changes from system-required to application-required (referred to as business-required in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application), if you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update with the Product Updates installed or your organization’s subscription began after December, 2012. In all other product installations and subscriptions, the required level for this attribute is system-required.”

While this change is functionality irrelevant to the standard CRM user, it can throw an issue when attempting to import solutions from older rollups.

To fix this issue I have built a little tool which will automatically fix up the files for you, all you need to do is run the tool and select the solution zip file (or drag and drop the solution zip file onto the tool).

Please note that you will need to run this tool each time you plan to deploy your solution.

~ At0micCoder

Nathan Eccles

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